Universal Worship Transition News

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Announcement of Transition from Pir Zia

Dear Companions on the Path,

Having recently met with the Worldwide Message Council at Fazal Manzil, I am writing to let you know of some transitions in the leadership of the Activities that comprise our international Order.

Two Activity leaders are stepping down after serving with great dedication for many years. These are Shahabuddin Less, who has been the 1st Vice President of Universal Worship, and Zarifah Kadian, who has been Co-1st Vice President of Kinship. Both have made very important contributions to our work in the course of their service in these roles. I hope you will join me in conveying deep gratitude to them.

Zumurrud Butta, who has been the 2nd Vice President of Universal Worship, will now become the 1st Vice President of this Activity. The new 2nd Vice President, I am pleased to announce, is Amina Hall. In her new capacity, Amina will work closely with Tara Muir, who has long provided crucial support to the Universal Worship in North America.

May the Message of God reach far and wide!

Yours ever,

Pir Zia