The Universal Worship exists to gather together followers of different religions in the understanding of the one truth behind them, so that they may hold in respect all the teachers of humanity who have given their lives in the service of truth.

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Recent Writings and Bulletins

[The words below are the product of a working group formed to create a statement on climate change for the Order. The statement was approved by the World Wide Message Council and by Pir Zia Inayat Khan, President of the Universal Worship.] For the mystic, nature is bread and wine, the soul’s nourishment.… Every leaf… Read more »

Violence, hatred, senseless killings in our world affect all of us and it seems as though these events are happening more and more. We’re especially feeling the shock and sorrow of the attacks on people where they worship. Universal Worship of North America has sent our condolences and support to several groups of worshippers who… Read more »