Past Event: The Parliament of World Religions Chicago

Dates: August 13-19, 2023

PoWR convenes every few years, alternating between The North American continent and countries across the globe. Meeting with over 7,000 like-minded individuals and groups from 210+ faith traditions and 95+ countries cannot be portrayed in a few paragraphs. I’ll do my best, followed by Journaling from each day of that week:

In addition to those 210+ faith traditions, many secular groups brought their missions as well: ordination of women (of any faith); ending child marriage and slavery; Racial issues (like BLM, judicial and policing reform, ethnic cleansing in India, Southeast Asia, the Balkans, Russia); environmental action; food justice; ending death penalty and solitary confinement and fair sentencing for youth are but a few.

Plenaries featured speakers including Jane Goodall, Nancy Pelosi and Cory Booker along with faith leaders from around the world.

Workshops to become familiar with particular Religions (like, Sikh 101 and Hinduism History), and offerings of worship services of various religions are one of the backbones of The Parliament. And then there were workshops on topics like  Reclaiming Our Freedom” (how to step outside of the constraints of your religion and take personal responsibility for the environment, for humanity, for… fill in the blank); The Abrahamic Reunion (bringing peace to Israel and Palestine); a celebration of The Cosmic Mass (Matthew Fox); Queer Inclusion in Congregations; How to Address Anti-Semitism; and an anti-gun installation of 3 foot high letters spelling out ENOUGH, where on the fourth day, a blacksmith came and beat guns into garden spades to be distributed to community gardens back home.

Daily Journal

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"... an amazing convening to witness and be a part of, a gathering of representatives, leaders, and practitioners of so many of the world's faiths, traditional beliefs, and cultures from all across the world, all being themselves, welcomed, connecting, sharing their traditions and unique perspectives in one gathering."

Akbar Chris Miller, Parliament attendee

Past Event: Centennial 1921-2021

Date: May 7, 2021

Centennial 1921-2021

On May 7, 1921 in London, Inayat Khan introduced the Universal Worship as the Church of All and the Church of All Churches. This year, to celebrate the centennial and to spread the Consciousness of Unity, around the globe our ministers will be conducting Universal Worship on May 7 and throughout the month of May. Click on any of the points on the map to find a service near you.

A very special service will be offered from the Astana in Richmond, VA, USA on May 7 at 9 am Eastern US. Representatives from the world’s major religions will participate and there will be special music. Click the button below for full information regarding that service.

We hope you can join us for one (or more) of these celebrations. If you would like to add a service to the map, please use this form.

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