The Children’s Universal Worship Service

What is The Children’s Universal Worship Service?

It’s an interfaith service created especially for children and the young at heart. By honouring religions and spiritual traditions of the world through play, stories, crafts and prayer-dancing, it engages children in a delightful way to experience the living divinity the heart of world’s religious and spiritual teachings.


Do you feel called to offer The Children’s Universal Worship Services?

Training is available for Ordained Cherags and Cherags in Training, as well as for Layleaders who will be designated Associate Cherags. This is open to people who are or are not initiated into a Sufi path, your own spiritual path will be honoured throughout the training.

Would you like to join us in manifesting Sanctuary for all the children of the world?


A daily ten minute gathering for adults to form a world-wide tapestry of love, harmony, and beauty, especially for our precious children across the world, innocents suffering so deeply through ignorance and distorted power values of others. Join people from around the world brought together through our heartful belief that all children must have safety to live and flourish.

Contact Nurullah for more information about the daily services, and/or to join the WhatsApp community. For the WhatsApp alerts, to receive links to daily recordings, pleaser include your phone mobile number (including country code) in your email to Nurullah.

Calling all MEMORIES of the early days of The Children’s Universal Worship and Murshida Vera Corda! Where you there? Share your experiences, in words and photos for an Historical Summary being curated by Nurullah.

For any Universal Worship service, any child (i.e. minor as defined by the locale’s law) or group of children attending will be accompanied by a careperson (e.g. parent, guardian, adult relative, caregiver chosen by family) to assure appropriate supervision and safety.