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From Akbar about Parliament

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Dear friends seeing the One in many guises,
I would highly recommend that every Cherag try to attend the Parliament of Religions at least once, if they have the opportunity! 
It is an amazing convening to witness and be a part of, a gathering of representatives, leaders, and practitioners of so many of the world’s faiths, traditional beliefs, and cultures from all across the world, all being themselves, welcomed, connecting, sharing their traditions and unique perspectives in one gathering. It’s the world, and the world’s faith-world, in microcosm. Plus, you also get to be with so many fellow Cherags, all in one place, so there are convenings within convenings.  
What comes to me now is how the Parliament shines a different, experiential light on the vision that Inayat Khan had which came to become known as the Universal Worship, of all the prophets of the different traditions together in harmony. A living, contemporary, peopled version of that same vision that animates the UW. 
In 2015 and 2018, I was able to connect with people from so many traditions I might never have encountered otherwise, learned from and been affected by so many people and traditions. One of my favorite things was walking down the concourse in the hallway, and being buoyed and surrounded by so many people shining light from their glances and hearts to each other, and from my heart shining back. Another was the incredible service-feast offered by the Sikh community, free vegetarian meals for all who wanted them, throughout the Parliament. Writing on, and tying prayer-ribbons to a tree, as an installation of everyone’s prayers for climate change. The massive Cherag huddles and collaborative UW services that were offered. 
If you are called and are able to attend, I’m sure you’ll discover your own favorite things, too. 
Love and blessings… 
Akbar Chris Miller