Greetings from Amina Hall

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Dearest Cherags;

I am writing from the northern hemisphere where the emergence of spring and the increasing light provides the prompt and the inspiration to reconnect and engage at a time when our role as divine lights is much needed. Fueled by the recognition that we are the lamps that hold the accommodation, the fire, and light of the stream of prophecy, we are reminded that we bring that which is so necessary in the chaotic atmosphere of the world at this time.

As active divine lights, we are part of building a global shared consciousness; we contribute to the collective intention, planting the seeds of potential and inspired action. Living in the divine light of the Universal Worship altar we are bringing forth the divine atmosphere and attunement as we hold a living connection to all of the prophets and prophetesses throughout time. Our task cannot be understated.

~Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan~

“Keep burning the fire I have lighted. It may seem very small to you, but one tiny flame, if kept burning, can be the means of illuminating a whole city, and someday many lamps that shall be lighted at this small fire will give light to thousands. This fire of truth is now lighted, and its light will never go out. Your work is to tend it and keep it burning. The fuel needed is your every thought, your faith, your prayers, and your sacrifices. You cannot see the result of this. Light can never be lost. I have kindled this small fire from which millions of lamps can be lit. Their number cannot be reckoned, and millions upon millions of other fires can now be lighted…

Murshid further describes the sacred task associated with fulfilling our purpose:

….Our Sacred Task, then, is to awaken among those around us and among those whom we can reach in the first place, the spirit of tolerance

for the religion, scripture, and the ideal of the devotion of one another; our next task is to make man understand people of different nations, races, and communities, also of different classes. By this we do not mean to say that all races and nations must become one, nor that all classes must become one; only what we have to say is that whatever be our religion, nation, race, or class, our most sacred duty is to work for one another, in one another’s interest and to consider that as the service of God… The whole of humanity is as one single body, and all nations and communities and races as different organs, the happiness, and well-being of each of them is the happiness and well-being of the whole body.

With inspiration, commitment to the task, and a deep devotion to serving, I invite all of us to connect; to build an Akasha together. Let’s collectively explore the ways and means to continue to build the magnetism and power of the Universal Worship and to strengthen our role as divine lamp lighters holding

this attunement at this time. I welcome the connection, your thoughts, and inspiration.

In service, love, and devotion,
Amina Linda Hall, 2nd Vice President of the Universal Worship