The Inayatiyya Climate Statement

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[The words below are the product of a working group formed to create a statement on climate change for the Order. The statement was approved by the World Wide Message Council and by Pir Zia Inayat Khan, President of the Universal Worship.]

For the mystic, nature is bread and wine, the soul’s nourishment.… Every leaf of the tree is a page in the holy book that contains divine revelation. – Hazrat Inayat Khan

One spirit animates all of creation, bringing forth the radiant splendor that is the web of life on Earth. Our lives are embedded in and sustained by this web. The very air we breathe embodies our interconnection and interdependence within Earth’s living system.

As we awaken to the sacredness of creation we discover that beneficence is our moral imperative.

The current ecological crisis caused by human activity is upending the natural world, and foments climate disruption at a scale that endangers the lives of millions of human beings and countless species and ecosystems world-wide, now and for future generations.

How can we renew and uphold our spiritual values, and live in accordance with them? How are we inspired to act at this time?

The sanctity of our Earthly home and our shared responsibility for its care compel us to adopt measures to immediately reduce harmful impacts. We call upon each of us, our extended communities, and those in spheres of power to:

  • curtail the use of fossil fuels, deforestation, use of hazardous chemicals, and all other practices that damage the web of life;
  • make choices concerning consumption, diet, finance, agriculture, transport, housing, and activism that focus on protecting and restoring the natural world.